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Delta N Compact 




Standard Maschine:

- Machine housing in stainless steel
Carrier conveyor
- 300 / 400 /500 mm carrier width
- Basic wiring

- Atomizer fluxer

- Preheating system with 9 IR-beams (short wave)

- Basic traceabillity

- Sigmatek PLC
- 450 kg solder pot, “body coated”

- Dual wave (Chip- and Hollow wave)

- Signal lamp (three colors)

- 4 emergency stops
- Pot withdrawal support

- Solder bath cleaning set
- Colouring RAL 9002 with blue lettering

Operational Area’s

- Lead free 
- 3-shift production
Midsize / high volume Production


-Brochure Delta N Compact

Pyrometer (2)

The pyrometer is measuring the temperature of each product. It does automatically adjust the preheat power according to its measurement.

Stand-alone Fluxer

An external flux system to keep the conveyor chains as well as the process chamber clean.


Duplex Option

Solder change without waiting time! All SIG equippment can be upgraded with "Duplex" option.

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